Anjee Norgaard-Gallia


Tap/Jazz, Broadway Jazz & Zumba


Anjee began taking lessons with Adrienne at age 7.  Her love for dance grew as she became an assistant teacher and then was given the opportunity to teach her own classes in tap & jazz.  She danced all through school and went to Sacramento State, where she continued her dance training and was a member of the dance company there.  Her love for dance and her hometown brought her back to Pinole where she became resident choreographer for Pinole Valley High School Performing Arts Department, Pinole Community Playhouse and the Pinole Young Actors Program. In 2009, she became owner of the business (formerly Adrienne’s Dance Studio) and has continued to share her passion for dance and the performing arts with dancers of all ages. She is married to Jason (who she met at the studio) and is stepmom to Gina and Marissa, both of whom dance at the studio.